Advanced persistent threats are more complex to detect and prevent than ever before. Powered by Guardian Digital, the EnGarde Cloud Email Security is an auto-learn system that scrutinizes millions of individual characteristics from each email, quickly utilizing resources of systems around the world to identify persistent threats in real time.

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Email Risk Is Greater than Ever

Cyber criminals are exploiting the “new normal” we all face due to this pandemic and are launching sophisticated, highly effective attack campaigns designed to evade defenses, gain access to credentials, compromise sensitive data and steal money from victims. Here’s a look at some of the most dangerous and persistent threats to business email today:


These dangerous impersonation scams - which employ advanced social engineering techniques and prey on human emotion - are often used to steal credentials, hijack accounts and download malware on victims’ devices. The FBI reports that 30% of phishing attempts make it through existing systems and are opened by target users.



This notorious type of malware - which is most commonly delivered via email - encrypts computer files, preventing access to critical data until the specified ransom is paid to attackers. Ransomware is becoming increasingly dangerous and difficult to spot, as threat actors are now leveraging fileless techniques in order to evade detection. 

A successful ransomware attack can shake an organization to its core. Small Business Trends reports that 60% of small companies are forced to shut down within six months of getting hit with ransomware.

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

This highly targeted email scam, which involves an attacker obtaining access to a corporate email account and sending fraudulent emails under the identity of the account owner, generated losses of $26 billion worldwide between June 2016 and July 2019 according to the FBI.


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Stay Ahead of Emerging Threats with Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security

Modernize Your Email Security Strategy
with an Innovative Cloud-Based Security Platform

The email threat landscape is rapidly evolving, and traditional defenses are no longer effective in combating modern threats to business email, leaving businesses key assets’ vulnerable and often providing a false sense of security. Upgrade your email security strategy with EnGarde Cloud Email Security - a fully-integrated, AI-powered solution.

Stay Ahead of Phishing,
Ransomware and Impersonation Attacks

The majority of phishing emails use malicious URLs to direct users to fraudulent websites which collect sensitive credentials. EnGarde protects against all attacks involving malicious links with real-time URL defense - scanning and rewriting all destination URLs and scrutinizing thousands of email attributes to determine whether a link is malicious or safe. EnGarde also analyzes all email attachments for ransomware and other malicious code, which can bring productivity to a standstill if downloaded onto your systems.

Through a defense-in-depth approach to security, the use of a collaborative open-source development model and decades of industry expertise, we have engineered EnGarde Cloud Email Security to keep businesses of all sizes, spanning all industry sectors, ahead of the latest, most advanced email-borne threats. 


Safeguard Sensitive Information and
Prevent Email Fraud

EnGarde incorporates multiple layers of email authentication protocols to protect users from sender fraud and email spoofing. The platform’s advanced detection engines thoroughly scan and evaluate each email its entirety prior to it being delivered - taking into account sender and domain reputation, sender-recipient relationships, email content, envelope attributes and many other factors.

 Our use of layered email authentication standards and protocols ensures that critical information is secure and that every email our customers receive is from who it says it’s from - not some malicious actor claiming to be the sender. 

Fortify Office 365 Email with
Critical Additional Layers of Security

Would you trust an auto mechanic to repair your laptop? If not, why would you rely on Microsoft to secure your email? Microsoft is in the email business - not the email security business, and default protection provided in Office 365 is alarmingly inadequate in defending against today’s exploits. We protect Office 365 users from credential theft and account takeovers with critical additional layers of security, offering seamless integration, exceptional around-the-clock support services and delivering a rapid and valuable return on investment.


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