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G Suite Email: An ‘Open Door’ for Cyber Thieves Without Added G Suite Email Security Defenses

It is no secret that organizations are being forced to rapidly modernize their infrastructure and operations to accommodate the sudden increase in remote workers. As a result, more businesses than ever are moving to G Suite to fulfill their communication and collaboration needs in this ‘new reality’. Cyber criminals have taken note of this trend, and are increasingly directing their attack campaigns at G Suite users - often leading to the compromise of sensitive credentials and confidential business information, fraudulent transfers resulting in significant financial loss and the installation of destructive and costly malware on corporate systems.

G Suite + Our Gmail Email Security Solution is all you need to protect against advanced Gmail threats.


G Suite offers some attractive benefits for businesses: the popular platform is stable, predictable and user-friendly. However, Google is in the email business - not the email security business - and security is one critical area where G Suite comes up short. Built-in security features such as data encryption and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are a good start, but alone are not enough to safeguard the inbox against sophisticated modern threats like spear phishing, ransomware and zero-day exploits. Despite built-in defenses, the FBI reports that 30% of phishing attempts make it through existing systems and are opened by target users. Is ‘good enough’ protection good enough for your users, your critical data and your reputation?

Email Threats are Rapidly Evolving - and Traditional Security Defenses Have Fallen Behind

The email threat landscape is ever-changing. Threat actors are refining their methods and tactics, crafting increasingly targeted and sophisticated attack campaigns designed to gain access to sensitive information and steal large sums of money. Cyber criminals are employing advanced fileless and payload-less techniques to evade detection and deceive users. That being said, why should businesses rely on yesterday’s security defenses to detect and combat today’s threats?

Securing G Suite against persistent and emerging threats requires additional layers of innovative, threat-ready defenses, designed to complement the primitive built-in security features provided by Google. You need advanced G suite malware protection and Gmail phishing protection to secure your business, data and employees.


Bolster Inadequate G Suite Email Defenses
with Additional Layers of Threat-Ready Email Vigilance.
Partner with an Industry Leading Gmail Email Protection provider.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security Keeps G Suite Users Ahead of the Latest, Most Sophisticated Threats

Defense in depth is fundamental to securing cloud email. Guardian Digital recognizes that G Suite email demands additional protection to remain secure in this heightened digital threat environment, and has designed a threat-ready, all-in-one security suite that seamlessly integrates with the G Suite email infrastructure. Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security fortifies G-Suite email with advanced, adaptive security features designed specifically to fill the gaps in existing Gmail protection defenses.

For over two decades, we have uniquely taken a transparent, collaborative approach to software development - which, unlike any other vendor, equips us with tools and resources from a vibrant, global community. This innovative approach enables us to offer our customers flexible, affordable and exceptionally secure email protection.


Proactive Email Vigilance, Simplified Administration

Impersonation scams such as phishing, business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) are rampant in G Suite. In these attacks, malicious actors pose as a reputable sender, aiming to trick users into sharing account credentials or downloading malware on their system. To identify and block these dangerous scams - which often rely on malicious files or links, our EnGarde Cloud Email Security scans all URLs and attachments in real-time to determine if they are malicious or safe - ensuring  that only legitimate, secure mail reaches your inbox.

To defend against email spoofing and sender fraud, we implement layered email authentication protocols to verify the identity of the sender. EnGarde employs advanced techniques including behavior analysis and Artificial Intelligence, analyzing hundreds of thousands of attributes of every email that passes through its gateway in real-time - resulting in the detection and prevention of the most evasive exploits.

EnGarde’s SaaS cloud email security services offer quick and easy implementation, simplified management, no upfront capital costs for businesses and premium around-the-clock customer support. Our threat-ready, fully-supported solution frees valuable IT resources, equips you with invaluable security expertise and delivers a rapid return on investment (ROI).

You can’t achieve this level of security with G Suite alone.

Guardian Digital EnGarde Cloud Email Security
Key Features & Benefits

G Suite provides good enough basic security to stop spam, known viruses and malware, but it won’t secure you against the advanced & sophisticated email attacks such as business email compromise, spear phishing, or account takeovers. Gmail threats have multiplied with increasing popularity of G Suite amongst small and medium-sized enterprises & hence G Suite Email Security by Guardian Digital is essential for SMB's to deploy so as to stay ahead of the modern, sophisticated, identity-based email attacks.

  • Keeps G Suite users ahead of persistent and emerging email attacks
  • Safeguards against phishing, ransomware, spam email and advanced zero-day exploits
  • Protects sensitive data and prevents email fraud
  • Enhanced security through a modern, multi-layered design 
  • Provides complete end-to-end control of your email infrastructure
  • Seamless integration and managed services eliminate the need for a full-time IT department, ensure email continuity and deliver a rapid return on investment (ROI)
  • Expert around-the-clock customer support services

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