Multi Layer Security & Policy Controls

Multi Tiered Cloud Email Security & Policy Controls



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Guardian Digital EnGarde Email Security Gateway scans all emails sent to or from your mail server using multiple layers of analysis to detect threats including spear-phishing and other targeted email attacks

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Multi Layer Security & Policy Controls

Eradicating spam and virus-laden email traffic is a daunting task for any organization. Guardian Digital’s EnGarde Cloud Email Security has layered different and complementary technologies in the most effective way possible to protect your business email with the highest level of security available.

Each individual tier in our email security solution focuses on a specific area where malware can attack. By working in concert, these layers of security stop cyber intruders from breaching company networks better than any other single approach.

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Secure By Design

Security by design is intrinsic to everything Guardian Digital does. Leveraging the benefits of open source, the latest cloud technologies, and decades of combined experience protecting business enterprises, Guardian Digital engineers have created a scalable and powerful email protection system unmatched by any other in the industry.

By implementing advanced technologies exclusive to us, the EnGarde Cloud Email Security filters out spam and viruses through multiple layers that prevent disastrous security intrusions and keep your email systems running efficiently. This comprehensive approach provides the tools necessary to enhance and optimize email security.

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A Prevalent and Evolving Threat

The 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report highlighted that running a campaign with just three targeted phishing emails gives an attacker a better than 50% chance of getting at least one user to click through to a site or attachment that will compromise their machine.


Current statistics indicate that about 90% of all email traffic is unwanted, malicious, or offensive. Spam and other messages with harmful content are costly to your business and decrease employee productivity while increasing security threats and legal liability. An effective email spam filtering solution reduces risk and lets your employees get back to work.

Guardian Digital’s EnGarde Cloud Email Security removes spam and malware threats before they reach your network and enforces email security policies to protect sensitive data. We emphasize email security above all else and assign high levels of priority to all aspects of protection, something most email security providers don’t do.

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Protect Your Email Server — Now and Going Forward

A single email virus can cost your business an enormous amount in damages, lost productivity, and perhaps most importantly, in your reputation as a trusted company. It is important to have protection against all threats to email security, including viruses, spam, phishing, ransomware, email flooding, directory harvest attacks, and denial of service attacks.

Every domain has at least one mail exchange record (MX record) to ensure emails are sent to the correct location. This information is public record, similar to a phone book. If this MX record includes the address for your email server, then spammers and hackers can easily target your email system.

Guardian Digital takes on that risk for you, with systems specifically designed to thwart these attacks, protecting your internal assets. The EnGarde Cloud Email Security provides integral MX protection. This means that the address of your email server is replaced by the location of our filtering services, cloud-based systems that are specifically designed to withstand attacks and manage heavy email volumes. As part of the set-up process, Guardian Digital's engineering team will provide additional configuration instructions to improve the overall security of your email server.

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Layered Security

Attackers always leave traces of their activities. That’s why we believe the key to secure email is ensuring that a threat is caught early before an onslaught of high-volume email attacks your systems.

Layered security means not just preventing attacks and limiting their damage but proactively identifying threats and detecting malicious activities before they cause further damage. The EnGarde Cloud Email Security monitors internet trends using advanced worldwide security intelligence — both the server itself and its network interface and scan for signs that an attack is impending or in progress.

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Protect Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 Against Every Threat

EnGarde is your email bridgehead in the cloud, protected by security engineers with decades of experience — all focused on stopping vast amounts of unwanted email before it ever reaches your Exchange server. EnGarde effectively gives users a bottomless Outlook mailbox and offers your business advanced mailbox security features. This takes away the need to keep large volumes of email on Exchange, enhancing its performance and shortening back-up times.

Guardian Digital’s WebTool allows administrators to monitor and implement all security issues in a graphic interface, in real-time, from any browser.

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End-to-End Email Encryption

The EnGarde Cloud Email Security also uses open-source standard encryption technology to build a secure tunnel between mail systems. This includes incoming mail from secure systems, outgoing mail to secure remote systems, and email sent and received by standard desktop clients or our WebMail application.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) for email delivery is a mechanism email servers can use to pass email between themselves securely. This form of email protection involves two systems implementing TLS which first establishes an encrypted channel of communications prior to email transmission, ensuring that the messages are secured during communication between the systems, even if the messages themselves were not already encrypted.